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I started writing this post at 5am on a Friday morning wondering what really just happened during the past week.

Before I bring you up to speed, I need to take you back to a few weeks ago when I was at one of my lowest points in my writing journey. Even after my short burst of energy from my last post, I was prepared to step away – to take an extended break from writing. The constant cycle of querying- requests- rejections became too much for me mentally.

In a last-ditch effort to save something positive from 2021, I applied to the We Need Diverse Voices Mentorship Program.

I received an email a few weeks after telling me that I wasn’t successful. With the way things were going for me, I wasn’t surprised.

The email, however, went on to say that I was a finalist and not only that but one of the mentors I submitted to – Valerie Bolling wanted to connect with me as she enjoyed my story. Little did I know that this meeting with Valerie would be a great turning point for me.

Valerie and I chatted. She was so generous and engaging. She spoke about my story with such enthusiasm, answered any questions that I had and provided me with so many resources. She kept in contact afterwards, offering support when I needed it . Most of all, Valerie gave me something I was lacking for a long while – hope.

After that discussion I was inspired to draft a few more stories and to resume my querying journey . There is more news I hope to share soon, but for now let me leave you this quote.

Sometimes people come into your life for a moment a day or a lifetime it matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time”

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Valerie Bolling
Valerie Bolling
Feb 15, 2022

Neesa, thank you so much for giving me a shout-out in your blog! It was my pleasure to connect with you and inspire you. You're a beautiful writer, and I look forward to seeing what other good news you'll share. 😊

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