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Also....celebrate the BIG things...

In June, I applied for #PBChat Mentorship programme. This year you had the opportunity to apply to two mentors of your choosing. There were over 500 applicants all of whom were creative, passionate writers. Last week Friday the winning mentees, as well as runner-ups and honorable mentions, were announced.

Drumroll please......

I am so ecstatic to say that I was chosen by the amazing Bridget Heos as her mentee this year!

I am still in a bit of a shock at the entire thing. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. It's so humbling to know that someone so gifted and experienced saw something special in my little story, makes all the downtimes in this profession worthwhile.

Speaking of big things, my self-published book "The Monster Who Came To Visit" is currently on Amazon. It's so surreal to see my work out there, I hope you have an opportunity to check it out and leave a review if you like it!

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