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And you thought the hard work was done....

I recently published my debut book “The Monster Who Came To Visit” on Amazon and ever since then it’s been a blur! It's one thing to upload your book on Amazon but getting customers to actually take notice of your book is a whole other story.

I thought I would go through my promotion process to date - be warned though, I am the furthest thing from a book promotion expert so use these tips/advice at your own risk.

Prior to publishing

  1. Establishing an Author Website – I believe it’s very important for a writer to have a dedicated website. The content is totally up to you. I decided early on I wanted to document the highs and lows of this writing journey to show other writers out there that they aren’t alone. These days it’s pretty simple to set one up and I think it gives the appearance that you know what you’re about although let’s face it half the time we really don’t have a clue.

  2. Author Facebook Page – For this one, I was a bit on the fence. I set it up months ago and only really promoted it after my book was published. Since then, however, I found it to be extremely useful in posting updates including book reviews/upcoming promotions.

  3. Author Instagram – For most of the KidLit Group members on Facebook, while FB is the forum for tips/advice and general discussion on the publishing journey, Instagram is the social media platform of choice to promote their work and it makes sense. Because of the visual nature, IG lends itself to posting snippets of your book including artwork and trailers.

  4. Twitter – As of now I primarily use my twitter account for writing relating content. I have connected with so many wonderful authors, editors, and agents via Twitter that for me it's invaluable. Not to mention the Twitter pitch contests and the like. Twitter is most definitely a must.

  5. You Tubers /Book Bloggers- Before my launch, I researched and contacted several YouTube channels/Picture Book Bloggers especially those catering to read aloud/reviews. I chose mainly up and coming channels as there would be a higher likelihood I would get a positive response. To date, three bloggers have posted reviews of my book and I have scheduled other reviews/read aloud so that the momentum of the book is maintained.


I got my book formatted for Amazon however I was not confident that I had the skill or ability to do all the necessary Amazon detail work. What is that you may ask? Isn’t just uploading your book? No, my friends, it’s a lot more than that. There is Author Content, keyword identification, category analysis, promotion days, ads. It’s quite intensive.

I decided to utilize the services of April Cox. April is absolutely wonderful. She offers a free mentoring session where she goes through your needs and expectations and thereafter she can customize the services that you want. I found her assistance to be beyond my expectations. It was quite insightful. The link to her website is below.

Getting Reviews

Amazon has strict policies about soliciting reviews. You basically cannot reward someone for leaving a positive review. You can promote your book even give them free copies but not in exchange for a glowing review.

Getting reviews is easier said than done. You could have 100 persons initially agree to leave honest reviews and maybe only 10% actually do it. Why? Because life happens and during this time a lot of us have more pressing matters than leaving book reviews. It’s the reality of the time we live in. That’s where your promotions hopefully come in. You cast a wide enough net so that hopefully if you do get just 5% or 10% it still makes a difference.

Next up Part 2 – Amazon Free Ebook promotion – tips

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