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Handling Rejection

Once you decide to go down the traditional publishing route, you need to get very comfortable with rejection letters. All rejection letters however, are not created the same. Most are a standard reply or a form rejection. Basically, this is a generic response given when an agent/publisher takes a big pass on your manuscript. Don't get me wrong, some of these can be worded very sweetly. Some of the better ones encourage you to keep writing and remind you that their response is a subjective one. Ultimately though, they provide no insight into what made them pass. Was it your query letter? Was it your manuscript? Was it too boring? An agent/publisher who is reviewing hundreds of submissions is highly unlikely to have time to point out specifics. When you receive a rejection letter that provides more details, then that is a rare gem. I have received my fair share of rejection letters, but it's the ones that highlight what worked well and maybe what didn't that motivates me. Maybe it's the sense of knowing that the agent/publisher really took the time to read my story and thought that it was worthwhile to provide direct feedback. I use this as encouragement that my story has potential. This week I also received feedback on the query letter I submitted as part of the Greenburger & Associates' promotion. The agent commented that it was strong overall and gave me some helpful tips on how to make it even stronger. That balanced out the rejection bits earlier in the week. We know as aspiring authors, rejection is part of the business. However, it's not always easy to accept, especially when you pour your heart and soul into a manuscript. It helps to know others are experiencing the same thing. The writers' community on Twitter is a great support network. I encourage you if you haven't already to have a look. There are often tips and insights from published authors and literary agents. As for me, the rejections may continue to roll in, but I will keep writing and growing in my craft.

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