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It's my pitch party, and I'll cry if I want to….

Seriously though, Twitter pitch parties are great. If you are wondering what precisely a pitch party is, well, it's where writers get the opportunity to pitch their book on twitter using specific hashtags. The catch is they must do it within Twitter's limit of 280 characters or less.

Agents/Publishers then show their interest by liking specific tweets. After the pitch party, you follow that agent' s/publisher's submission guidelines. They will usually have a specific form or email subject line to differentiate your submission from the rest of the pile.

There are different pitch parties throughout the year, some open to all genres and some more specific.

Carissa Taylor has a list in her blog below:

Yesterday was #PitMad, which was open to writers of all genres. It was the second twitter pitch party for me. Firstly let me say the pitches that I saw, especially in the Picture Books (PB) category, were terrific. All the likes they got were well deserved.

I, on the other hand, received zero likes, well from agents/publishers anyway. I must admit I was a bit heartbroken but not defeated. With the hundreds of tweets made yesterday, it would be easy to miss some of them. I was once again humbled by the outpouring of support from the writing community. One of my tweets got retweeted over 40 times!

I paid it forward and retweeted several of my fellow writers' pitches. I do hope some of those likes turn into something real because those stories need to be told.

As for me? I push on. I am getting ready for the next twitter pitch party in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, this time I fare a bit better since it's solely for PB writers. In the meantime, I am quite busy submitting my application for 2020PBChat Mentorship. I am on a bit of a lucky streak these days, winning several giveaways. Hopefully, my luck doesn't run out before the mentees are announced 😊

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