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Zombies, Parties and Critique Groups oh my!

You probably heard me mention it before, but the writing community on Twitter is phenomenal. There are always new and exciting ways to motivate you. Two such events took place recently. The first was #PBParty Draft Challenge and the second was #KidLitZombieWeek.

#PBParty Draft Challenge is hosted by Mindy Alyse Weiss . She’s just too awesome to put into words. The challenge is for you to create a new PB draft in one day. Once you complete it, there is a critique chain where someone critiques your manuscript and you critique someone else’s. This was just what I needed to hunker down and draft a story I had “swimming” around in my head. The bonus part is that I found a new critique group as part of this whole process! They are a group of wonderful women who have provided great resources as well as awesome feedback on my latest draft.

#KidLitZombieWeek is hosted by 6 Ladies and a MANuscript. It encourages you to revive all those manuscripts you thought were long dead and buried. There are fabulous prizes as well as the opportunity to have your story critiqued by the host. I dusted off my vowels vs consonants story and tried to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. The good news is that it’s at least 75% better than it was, the not so good news is that I am not sure if it’s marketable. I was glad to have the opportunity and encouragement to revisit it though - even if it may not have a bright and cheery future. I learnt a lot since first drafting it and will probably allow my main characters to live on in other stories.

Now just one month to wait to find out if I made it as a #PBChat Mentee. Waiting is easy ....isn't it?

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